Jackson Rathbone & 100 Monkeys On The 'Girlfriend' Soundtrack: Music 'Takes You Along For A Ride'

In addition to finishing filming “Eclipse” and having wrapped “The Last Airbender” earlier this year, Jackson Rathbone has had his hands full working on the indie film, “Girlfriend.” Not only is he acting in and producing the film, but he scooped to Larry Carroll in September that his band 100 Monkeys would also be handling the soundtrack and composition work for “Girlfriend” as well. (Plus, the group is also offering up some tracks for consideration on the "Eclipse" soundtrack.)

When we caught up with him recently on the set of “Girlfriend,” we asked him to give us a little more information on what he and the band would be doing for the soundtrack. “We’re going to be doing some soundscapes and a couple of our songs and some bands that we like,” Jackson said.

“One of the things I love about indie films is you get some of the greatest music,” he said. “You get access, and [if] the film does well then the bands do well as well.”

Jackson spoke passionately about the importance of music in a film, not just because it was his music which would be accompanying much of “Girlfriend,” but because of its importance to the emotional draw of film.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a film before it’s finished, but a lot of times you watch a film half way through the cutting and there’s no music and you’re just like, where’s the emotion,” he said. “Once you add the music, it just really takes you along for the ride. Even back in the silent picture days you had somebody playing the piano.”

“Music is one of those things that is universally moving the soul, always,” he added. “You hear a song on the radio, you’ve got to tap your foot, dance a little bit, sing along, you know. Hopefully you stay your eyes on the road, if you’re driving,” he said with a laugh.

What do you think about Jackson’s view of music in indie films? Do you agree or disagree? Are you excited about him taking control of the film’s soundtrack?