Alexander Skarsgard Wins 'Best Villain' At Scream Awards & Steals A Kiss With Kate Bosworth

We hate to say it, but we told you so. When we heard "True Blood" vampire Eric (the dreamy Alexander Skarsgård) had been nominated as Best Villain for Spike's 2009 Scream Awards, we gave him the edge over fellow vamp, "Twilight" tracker James (Cam Gigandet). Well, Alex not only bested Cam but beat out Eric Bana, Helena Bonham Carter, Lorna Raver and Liev Schreiber to take home the prize at last night's awards ceremony, which airs Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. on Spike TV.

Alex received his black spike trophy (how fitting) from "Straw Dogs" costar Kate Bosworth, giving the leggy blond a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek in front of the packed auditorium (more on that, including pics, after the jump). When the actor turned to speak into the mic, however, it was still positioned at Kate's height, leaving the tall Swede to squat in an oh-so silly manner to address the audience. A good sense of humor: one more reason we love this guy!

After the ceremony, Alex and Kate were snapped in the backseat of a car, leaving the Chateau Marmont where they had apparently been celebrating. As the handsome actor becomes more and more popular, rumors of on-set love affairs seem to keep rising from the coffin. Most recently, Alex was linked with "True Blood" costar Evan Rachel Wood, but thanks to Alex's demonstrative behavior towards Kate and pics of their late-night shenanigans, we're betting this will be the new are-they-aren't-they couple to watch.

Do you think Alex and Kate would make a good couple?