Minnie Driver Shares Her Bathtub Fantasies In Our EXCLUSIVE 'Motherhood' Clip

By Lauren Joskowitz

We all love Uma Thurman as the domineering hottie and former assassin in “Kill Bill,” and the cocaine-addicted-wife of a wealthy mobster boss in “Pulp Fiction,” but for her upcoming movie “Motherhood,” the statuesque actress will be trying on a new role as a former fiction writer-turned-unhappy blogger and mother of two. Uma’s Eliza Welch, is a stay-at-home mom (a.k.a, chauffeur, maid, dog-walker, cook and party planner). While her oblivious husband misses all her cues that she’s leading a mundane and unfulfilling life, Eliza attempts to plan her 6-year-old daughter’s birthday party while trying to write a magazine article on the meaning of motherhood.

In our exclusive clip, Eliza gets the chance to sneak away from parenting to shop with her best pals — one of whom has a pretty interesting story to tell. The girls are all giggles after Sheila (Minnie Driver) shares the juicy deets of her latest pleasure-fulfilling escapades in the bathtub “getting lucky with the submarine.” Yes, she is referring to a motorized bath toy!

“Motherhood” hits theaters this Friday.