Halloween Costumes How To: Dress Like The Fierce Sisters Of 'Zombieland'

Welcome to Dress Like A Movie Star Week here on Hollywood Crush. For the next five days we will be bringing you Halloween costume ideas inspired by some of the most outrageous, colorful and downright awesome characters on the big screen in 2009. We know your wallets aren't exactly being filled by a money tree in your backyards these days, so we're going to try our darnest to keep these costume ideas easy to create and easy on your bank account! Let the trick and treating begin!

Some may say its too soon to base a Halloween costume around a movie that came out the same month, but in the case of the most badass zombie killing sisters around, were going to make an exception. "Zombieland" power girls Wichita and Little Rock (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) struck a special chord in our hearts when they managed to look fantastic and fashionable in the middle of the zombie apocalypse while conning and outsmarting Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) and Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) at every step of their journey.

Though you'd think there would be more clothing options available with the rest of the world turned into flesh-eating monsters, Wichita and Little Rock wear the same outfit for the entirety of the film. While we aren't recommending you don't shower for weeks as it is implied the girls were forced to ("Don't say the s-word," Wichita begged her kid sister), there are a few elements of the ladies ensembles you just cant live without.


The most integral element of Wichita's (pictured above, right) badassery comes in the form of her black leather coat. Were recommending Guess' Jordan Faux Leather Jacket, ringing in at $158. To complete the leather look, Target's Merona Kallista riding boots at $40. For her skin-tight skinny jeans, we looked to Express' $50 Zelda skinny leg jeans in Raw Distress, and for her white shirt, buy yourself one of Gap's $10 favorite V-neck Ts in white and a size or two larger than what you would typically wear to get the same draped look.

Once you've completed the ensemble, slather your eyes in black eye shadow and grab a plastic shotgun and a fake zombie head and you'll be ready to collect candy.

Little Rock

Like her older sister, Little Rock's (pictured left) leather jacket is a pivotal part of her zombie-killing attire. The B Hip by Me Jane faux leather bomber jacket in brown from Macy's is the slightly more conservative version of Wichita's jacket and is currently on sale for $53. For her zip-up hoodie to wear under the jacket, try Delia's Buff-Check Reversible Hoodie in turquoise at $43. Delia's is also a great place to grab Little Rock's grey skinny jeans (that saves on shipping costs, too!). We suggest the Taylor Low-Rise Super Skinny Jean in grey for $40. And though, at age 12, her well-worn work boots are far less fashionable than Wichita's knee-highs, we say you go all out and buy yourself a pair of Junior Timberland Authentics 6 Inch Shearling Boot for $85.

Don't brush your hair all day, snag a pack of sugarless gum and maybe keep a Twinkie in your back pocket just in case Tallahassee (or your guy friend dressed just like him!) shows up and is craving one. Then, you're good to go.

Check back in with us tomorrow for more Dress Like A Movie Star Week — we'll be unveiling a way to make a costume straight from an Italian dungeon.

Let us know what your Hollywood-inspired Halloween costume ideas are in the comments section below or by sending us a tweet @hollywoodcrush!