Strange Hollywood Dating Rumors Deciphered: Demi & Joe? Taylor & Taylor? Whitney Port & Leo?

This week, a slew of interesting rumored romances hit the gossip pages and Internet faster than you could say "no way!" Though some seemed like they could be real, a few there left us scratching our heads. So, we decided to round them up and figure out who is heating up and who aren't even lukewarm.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato

Kicking things off is Joe and Demi, who were recently seen dining with Kevin Jonas and his fiancé Danielle Deleasa. As soon as these two stepped out, everyone immediately assumed it was a date. But, we think it was just dinner. They've been friends for a while, plus he might be dating Brenda Song, and Demi might be seeing a better looking version of her former flame Trace Cyrus.

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

They starred in the upcoming rom com "Valentine's Day" together and since then, these two have been gushing to everyone how awesome they think the other is. Then came the hug. When Lautner made a cameo at her show in Chicago last week, everyone began speculating that they were America's newest sweethearts. We're not sure it's true, but they would be so cute together!

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston ... and a random dude

John and Jennifer might be back together and that news at this point is kind of a snoozefest. How many times have they done this already? But, it's the rumor that he was seen kissing a guy at a club in Palm Springs that made us stop for a second. John is known to be sort of a ladies man, so we weren't sure we could believe it. Thank goodness he took to his Twitter account (which he promises he'll never delete) to clarify that it just isn't true.

Whitney Port and Leonardo DiCaprio

Finally, we in no way even remotely believe that Leo and "The City" starlet Whitney are dating ... or flirting ... or anything that appears to be romantic. He dates models, and she has questionable taste in men. So questionable, in fact, that Leo and her make no sense at all. We don't need sources to tell us it's not true because it clearly isn't.

So, who do you think is really dating and who do you think is just being gossiped about?