'Dear John,' Your New Trailer (+ Channing Tatum & Amanda Seyfried) Has Us Weeping Already

At this point, tearjerker king Nicholas Sparks should probably come out with his own line of tissues to accompany the sad-yet-uplifting stories he's known for writing. From the looks of the trailer for "Dear John," the latest of Sparks' books to be adapted into a movie, this one won't be any different.

The unlucky lovers faced with a challenge to overcome — this is basically the formula for every Sparks story, and man, it works every time — are Savannah (the always lovely Amanda Seyfried) and John (the always handsome Channing Tatum), who meet while John is on leave from the military and have only two weeks before he goes back to war. Of course, during that time they fall madly in love, and spend the next 12 months writing letters to each other before John is released from his tour of duty. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that all of hers begin with "Dear John" — she says it a couple of times in the trailer (see it after the jump) so I'm pretty sure that's right.

Sure, this is just the latest variation on the winning Nicholas Sparks formula, but it looks like a particularly good entry. I'm going to predict that it won't be as good as "The Notebook," but it'll be way less cheesy than "A Walk to Remember" and not nearly as boring as "Nights in Rodanthe." The trailer makes it look like a classic love story, and with two of my favorite actors starring, I'm sure I'll love it regardless — er, well, I'll admit Mandy Moore singlehandedly made me like "A Walk to Remember," so I might be easily swayed.

I'm happy to see Channing taking a departure from a long line of roles playing either a soldier ("G.I. Joe," "Stop-Loss") or a delinquent ("Step Up," "Fighting") to play... a former delinquent who is now a soldier, and I'm glad Amanda's adding a good old-fashioned romantic comedy to her resume.

Though the trailer doesn't allude to it, the tag line "What would you do with a letter that changed everything?" makes me think there's going to be a twist coming our way about two thirds of the way through the film, which makes me even more excited to see it. I love a good cry, and the song used in the trailer — "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright — is the perfect music to get me in the sniffling mood.

What do you think of the "Dear John" trailer? Does the movie look too schmaltzy to you, or are you always down for a good tearjerker?