Zac Efron Shares Dating Advice And His Personal Taste In Music In Nylon Footage

During his recent cover story on Nylon Guys, Zac Efron talked about his upcoming films, “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” and “Me and Orson Welles,” as well as dealing with “High School Musical” fame. In the video footage of the shoot, Zac talked less about his work and more about who he is as a person.

“Cassandra, from ‘Wayne’s World.’ Tia Carrere. That was my celebrity crush growing up,” Zac admitted, after sharing how star struck he was over meeting Jim Carrey for the first time.

The more Zac talks about himself, the clearer it is that he is not going to end up a product of the Disney machine. He previously stated we wouldn’t be seeing any albums from him any time soon, and his music choice definitely leans against the flamboyant musicals genre.

“I listen to all types of music all the time,” he said. “I listen to a lot of Vanessa Hudgens, though kudos to Nylon for framing the question in an interesting way. When asked what a good date movie is, Zac politically correctly responded, “A good date movie is anything she wants to see, but the key it pretending that you’re really excited to go see it also.”

“Movies are one of the best places to go because it’s dark and everybody’s facing the same direction,” he added. “And the movie’s far more exciting than me. It’s one of my favorite places to go these days. I see every movie in theaters if I can.”

More exciting than a date with Zac Efron? Somehow we doubt that.

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