Muse Would Love To Have Robert Pattinson's Girl Problems

Muse has already graced two "Twilight" soundtracks and is likely gearing up to rock the "Eclipse" one as well. So, now that they've expanded their already massive fan base to the "Twilight" community, are they finding that the ladies are as hungry to get a bite out of them as they are R-Pattz?

Drummer Dominic Howard told MTV News the answer is a big no, but he would love it if girls started to follow him in massive droves. "I don't know who [the Robert Pattinson of Muse] would be," he joked. "[But] I wouldn't mind, you know, having the same amount of ladies like to chase me around."

He knows it might be hard at times to be that popular with the ladies, but it's a chance he's willing to take. We’re betting it's a risk most guys would tackle. "I'll take on that responsibility. You got like a whole train full of ladies that follow him around wherever he goes," Dominic said. "So I wouldn't mind taking on that, but I wouldn't say that any of us are trying to compete with his vibe with the ladies."

Hey, Dom, last time we checked, most females would swoon at the thought of a dapper British rock star. So, we're not too worried about your love life.