Justin Bieber, Celebs Who Only RT To Compliments & Miley's Fave Condiment In Today's Tweet Dreams

With everyone ready to put all the balloon boy drama behind (especially singer Michelle Branch who tweeted, "Balloon Boy's parents are making me crazy"), Twitter was allowed to get back to more pressing matters, like which Beckham is sexier. Just ask blink182's Mark Hoppus who struggled with that very dilemma. Mark posted, "Staring at this billboard. Can't decide which Beckham I want to make out with more. Right now David is winning. I'm so confused!!"

Of course, one Twitter story that isn't going anywhere anytime soon is Miley Cyrus' "controversial" decision to leave the social networking hub. First, birthday boy John Mayer offered his services to help misplaced Miley followers (see his tweets below) and now the always-funny Stephen Colbert is taking it to the next step. Colbert announced on his show that he would create his own alter ego, Jermaine Maine, who would keep the world updated on everything Miley. Colbert , er Jermaine, posted today, "Jermaine Maine here: Do you know what kind of condiment Miley Cyrus likes? I don't. It's not on her Wikipedia page."

Check out the rest of Friday's best tweets, from Jason Castro's hair-raising flight to Justin Beiber's (pictured) sleeping habits. And don't forget to stay in touch with us and all your favorite celebs this weekend @hollywoodcrush!

@justinbieber Up and at 'em. Wouldn't exactly call myself a morning person but I'm awake ; )

-Justin Bieber, Singer

@MsAmberRiley ever notice that most celebrities only reply or RT when u compliment them lol! get over urself! i guess everyone needs a confidence boost!

- Amber Riley, Actress ("Glee")

@ettejnnahgaem I'm lying in bed, still awake, watching tv and I'm now convinced I need to buy a Magic Bullet and Bullet Express.

-Meaghan Jette Martin, Singer, Actress ("10 Things I Hate About You")

@jodellemicah Just got an iPod touch, I'm tweeting from it = D lol, it's so awesome!

-Jodelle Micah Ferland, Actress ("Eclipse")

@jasoncastro This plane smells like a barber shop.. What's up with that?!

-Jason Castro, Singer, Reality Star

@shannahmoakler My Bf, has never seen the goonies...wtf????? we r having a screening in LA... details TBA. OMG!!!!!!!!!

-Shannah Moakler, Reality Star ("Meet the Barkers")

@petewentz Happy birthday @johncmayer I'd get u something but u got everything. So could u wrap up a watch of yours and ill write a nice note for it.

-Pete Wentz, Musician (Fall Out Boy)

@johncmayerThanks for the birthday wishes (especially you, Brazil!) 32 years old and not a wrinkle.

-John Mayer, Musician

@diablocody Love seeing TGIF as a trending topic! What shenanigans will Urkel get up to tonight?

-Diablo Cody, Screenwriter ("Jennifer's Body," "Juno")

@frankiemuniz Attacked by a rattlesnake last night... here's the vid of the capture: http://bit.ly/tAMf2

-Frankie Muniz, Actor ("Malcolm in the Middle," "Agent Cody Banks")

@TomFelton Just watched the end of cloverfield. Loved that film when I watched it at the cinema. Now onto pineapple express. I love sky movies x

- Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter")

@therealpickler thanksgiving is right around the corner. funny how all the turkey's hang out in my yard. I guess they know I'm a vegetarian.

-Kellie Pickler, Singer