'Glee' Cast To Perform Live During The World Series: Batter Up!

With their sunny disposition and powerful pipes, the cast of “Glee” seemed like a perfect match for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (can’t you just picture a Sue Sylvester float menacing it’s way down the New York City streets?) So, it was a complete bummer to learn that NBC had cut the kids of McKinley High loose from performing on the holiday mainstay. Luckily, for the cast, and a nation of “Gleeks,” Major League Baseball has stepped up to the plate.

According to the LA Times, FOX announced that the cast will be performing during the third game of the World Series! While the teams playing have yet to be determined (it’s down to the New York Yankees, LA Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies and Anaheim Angels — for those of you who haven't been keeping track!) the cast of the hit show are bound to bring the house down with their rendition of the National Anthem.

We here at Hollywood Crush, however, also had a few ideas for what else the cast could sing during the broadcast. Check them out after the jump!

1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

I know what you’re thinking, what in the world does this have to do with baseball? But, the pivotal game is scheduled to be on October 31st. What better way to have the entire cast showcase their talents while paying homage to Michael Jackson and having an appropriate song for the holiday at hand?! Plus, the World Series is just downright thrilling.

2. “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

The song has become a staple at Yankee Stadium over the past few weeks and if the Yanks do make it to the series, having this song done by, say Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester), who showed off his rap skills earlier this season with “Gold Digger,” would definitely get the Big Apple pumped.

3. "California Love” by 2Pac

How about another classic rap tune in case the Dodgers make it to the Series? It would be belted out by the cast, with perhaps a solo by Mark Salling (bad boy Noah), and would be the perfect song for the whole state and the team.

4. "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan

So, the Dodgers aren’t the only ones who might be getting California love in the World Series. Lea Michele singing out Sarah MacLachlan’s somber tune would not only be a nice nod to the team, but a fitting tribute for the team’s fallen teammate Nick Adenhart, who died earlier this year in a car accident.

5. “Philadelphia Freedom” by Elton John

Finally (er, phinally) the Phillies and their unofficial anthem, would get its proper due if Chris Colfer (Kurt) gave it some of his famous dramatic flair.

Are you excited for the cast of “Glee” to perform on the World Series? Which songs are you rooting for to make the cut?