'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'The Lost Girls'

After watching last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," I surely can't be the only one left wondering "Elena who?" While the diary-writing high-schooler finally had the confrontation with her boyfriend that we were all waiting for — he admitted that he's a vampire — the star of last night's episode was teenage rebel Vicki.

Thankfully, her fate wasn't sealed after Damon fed on her at the end of last week's episode (and I didn't think it would be, either. It's a little to early to kill a series regular so integral to many storylines. Despite the presence of Ian Somerhalder, this isn't "Lost.") After miraculously surviving a fang attack yet again, Damon decided to keep Vicki as a playmate while trapped inside for the day without his ring. When he realized her insane lack of self-esteem, he decided to spare her the misery by snapping her neck, killing her instantly. Though, as astute viewers such as myself (not to brag or anything) probably noticed, by giving her some of his blood to heal her wounds, Damon had completed step two of the vampire-making process. The third step required her to wake up and feed on human blood, completing the transformation.

From Vicki dancing around with Damon in her underwear to freaking out over her newfound hunger (for blood) while sporting some oversized movie star shades, Kayla Ewell showed some great acting chops this week. As a vampire, Vicki's not just there to cause trouble for her parents anymore (with all the drug experimentation and whatnot) — she's about to shake up Mystic Falls High in a big way. I think it's a great addition to the storyline. Now they can flesh out Bonnie's witchiness, and we'll have a full-on gang of supernatural misfits on our hands.

Meanwhile, Elena was mad at Stefan for a while because he's a vampire and he finally told her the truth about it. While predictable (she was mad, he was sorry), their discussion was helpful in learning some of the myths of the "VD" world: garlic, crucifixes, holy water, and mirrors are all a-ok for vampires, safety-wise. Drinking animal blood is a means of survival for vampires, though they are inherently weaker than their human blood-drinking brethren ("Twilight" much?). Stefan's been 17 since 1864 (again, "Twilight" much? Why do all hot vampires have to be 17?). One truth, of course, is something we already knew: vamps must be invited inside to enter someone's home.

We also learned the most important backstory tidbit of all: Katherine wasn't just a beautiful girl the Salvatore brothers fought over. She's the one who turned them into bloodsuckers, and pitted them against each other with her compulsion powers.

I'm happy Elena was able to trust Stefan enough to have him take care of the Vicki situation, but I fear she placed a little too much trust in him a little too quickly. Which is why I was actually glad when she brushed him off at the end of the episode — I want them to be together (and they totally will, soon), but I think Elena needs some time to mull everything over.

A the end of the episode, the grown-ups finally got their hands on the Gilbert family pocket watch, which turned out to be a vampire-detecting device. They found Stefan using the contraption and shot him with a wooden bullet, but Damon came to his brother's rescue and pulled out the bullet after feeding on the shooter. Most importantly, Vicki also fed on the human, thus completing her transformation.

What did you think of last night's episode? Will Vicki's new fate energize the show's storylines, or do you think they turned someone too quickly? How cheesy were those flashback scenes? Do you think Elena forgave Stefan too quickly? And how many episodes before Elena and Stefan finally get back together?