'The Stepfather': Amber Heard Is There For Penn Badgley 'In A Surprising Way'

By Nuzhat Naoreen

There are thousands of girls who would love to be Penn Badgley's girlfriend, but only the lucky few (Blake Lively, we're looking at you!), get the role.

Actress Amber Heard gets to play Penn's special lady in the new thriller "The Stepfather," and she was ready to dish on her on-screen relationship with the "Gossip Girl" star when MTV News caught up with her at the movie's premiere.

"I'm a long term girlfriend," she explained. "I'm member of the family in that way ... He confides in me, and I'm really the only person he can trust. So we have a unique relationship." When everything unravels though, Amber adds, "I'm there for him in a surprising way." We're hoping that means Amber's Kelly goes a little Lara Croft on the titular stepfather's a-- and kicks major butt.