Taylor Lautner Instructs Us How To Dress Like His Buff Self In GQ

Kristen Stewart may be the one whose face is covering all the magazines, but GQ remembered to give some love to her ab-riddled hunky “New Moon” costar, Taylor Lautner. Not only that, but they use him to model off the proper way to wear a dress shirt. Their slide show consists of 10 gorgeous, sexy pictures long, replete with requisite ab and bum shots. How we love the ab and bum shots!

Taylor and director Chris Weitz talked with GQ briefly about Taylor’s transformation both physically and mentally from “Twilight” to "New Moon." When discussing packing on 30 pounds of muscle to look the part of Jacob, Taylor said, "I tried to stay focused on the things I could control." The life-long athlete has much better control of getting his body in shape than this Crusher, but I guess with a job in a multimillion dollar franchise on the line, it adds a bit of an incentive. "They needed to understand he had that aggression," Chris Weitz told the mag.

That 30 pounds of muscle makes 17 year old Taylor seem to be —' at least from these shots — the perfect guy to model the fitted dress shirts GQ is using to show how to look slimmed down and bulked up in all the right places. The labels range from expensive D&G and Armani to the slightly more accessible Banana Republic and H&M.

So ladies, we might not be able to each have our own Taylor Lautner, but with Halloween around the corner, you now have the means to help your man pull it off for at least one night. That couple hundred dollars on the right shirt will so be worth it if he finds a way to transform into a werewolf after. Just remind him that this shirt is not the Jacob-related paraphernalia we want to be seeing.

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