Britney Spears: New Pictures From The Set Of Her Saucy '3' Music Video!

By Matt Thompson

Even for Britney Spears, the video shoot for her new single “3” was a bit racy. Dressed in lace Britney posed in provocative positions spreading her legs with two men simulating a threesome. She proceeds to grind against the two bulky dudes during the majority of video in true Britney fashion. She then switched into a skin colored leotard to finish off the sweltering shoot.

The song “3” debuted on the Billboard Top 100 as first single since 1999 that reached the number one spot in the first week. Britney is quite familiar to making controversial hits in the past such as “If U Seek Amy,” “Womanizer” and “Toxic” that came along with hidden connotations and wild videos.

But “3” beats them all. The song is self-explanatory, citing lyrics such as “Three is a charm, two is not the same, I don’t see the harm, so are you game?” Max Martin, who helped propel her onto the scene ten years ago with “Baby One More Time,” wrote the lyrics to the song. Conveniently the song was maneuvered to end up as 3 minutes and 33 seconds. She undoubtedly pulled out all the tricks for this hit.

Britney took to her Twitter page yesterday to send out a message to her followers about the success of the single. “I am truly blessed with the greatest fans in the world," she wrote. "I am so happy ya’ll love it because I do this all for you.”

The single is part of her forthcoming album The Single’s Collection due for release Nov. 24.

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