Kristen Stewart Says 'New Moon' Takes A 'Downturn' & Admits Her Style Fetish In Backstage Allure Footage

Changes are afoot in Forks, Washington and come November 20, we'll all have front row seats to the drama—and I'm not just talking about vanishing vampire boyfriends and shapeshifting best friends. According to "New Moon" star Kristen Stewart, alter ego Bella Swan may be the one growing the most.

"The movie takes a downturn," Kristen told Allure in a behind-the-scenes interview for her November cover story. "In the first one, it was all about discovery and in this one, Bella matures quite a bit."

In between filming the "Twilight" sequel and the third installment "Eclipse," Kristen took on a much different character—and look—trading in Bella's soft curls and comfy hoodies for a jet black mullet and a leather jumpsuit to portray teen rocker Joan Jett in the biopic "The Runaways." Though fan reactions were mixed regarding her new style, Kristen digged the rocking look. "I love the way Joan Jett dresses. She's the epitome of cool," she said (press play below to hear more!). "My style: T-shirts. My favorite ones are my brother's old ones that they've worn out. I have a sneaker fetish."

Kristen felt equally as comfortable in the frocks she wore for the Allure shoot. "They [the magazine] told me that they just wanted to come and photograph me as the person who I am and not the silent cover girl that you'd expect," she said. "I like when photographs shoot what's in front of them—they don't try and manipulate you how they want you to be."

What do you think about Kristen's comments in her behind-the-scenes video?