Glee Recap: Episode 7, A 'Throwdown!' And A Pregnancy Showdown

Oil and water. Lauren and Heidi. Mr. Schuster and Sue Sylvester. This week’s episode of “Glee” featured a whole lot of tension, the worst of which was between the club’s polar opposite co-chairs. With the two teachers at each other’s throats, the kids of the glee club debate on what kind of music they want to do form here on out. While Mercedes wants more hip hop, Rachel argues that it’s the glee club, not the crunk club (Mercedes, it turns out, gets her wish granted through most of the episode.) I tend to like the more theatrical numbers they do more, but these guys can make any song sound, well, bangin’.

But, scheming teachers and glee club tension weren’t the only thing plaguing the group. Quinn (who is still acting as Sue’s right hand woman) and Finn cope with their ever-growing pregnancy. The two, who were escorted by Mr. Schuster to their doctor’s appointment, find out they are having a girl (which the ultrasound technician just blurted out to them. Aren’t they supposed to ask if they want to know the sex first?) This spells big trouble for Schuster’s wife, Terri, who has promised him a son.

Quinn’s pregnancy isn’t known by many, so things get hairy when Mc Kinley High’s very own gossip girl, er, boy, Jacob threatens to take the news public on his blog. In fact, he’ll spill the beans about Quinn’s baby and Rachel’s crush on Finn if Rachel doesn’t channel “Sixteen Candles” and give him her underwear! But, Rachel’s already got her plate full when Sue takes it upon herself to split up the glee club into two separate groups, one of which she dubs “Sue’s Kids.”

The split brings in the night’s first (yay!) musical number, which featured a soulful solo by Mercedes (who do you prefer in the battle of the “Glee” divas? I’m a Rachel girl myself, but Mercedes certainly can bring the house down), a brass section, and some poppin’ and lockin’ for a take on Jill Scott’s “Hate On Me.”

Hate is the key word when it comes to Sue and Mr. Schuster, whose squabbling reaches new heights. She says she doesn’t “trust a man with curly hair” as he retaliates by flunking the Cheerios in his Spanish class (biggest LOL of the night had to come when he said one of the students answered questions on a test by drawing a sombrero) who aren’t in glee club.I’m 100% on Team Will. The principal declares that will be no free passes for any students with bad grades, which sets off Sue. And we all know, hell hath no fury like a Sue Sylvester scorned.

Elsewhere, Finn tells Quinn he has come up with the ultimate baby name. I was expecting/hoping it would be a name to fit their rhyme scheme like Lynn or Brynn. Alas, poor, lovable-like-a-puppy Finn comes up with Drizzle. Hey, it’s still better than Apple or Bronx! When Quinn flips out about his newfound interest in their baby he tells her, “Sometimes I wish you were more like Rachel.” Ouch.

The crunk club, a.k.a. “Sue’s Kids,” do a covert jam session to do their own version of Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me,” while Will’s group goes for a kinder, yet more emotional practice with Jordin Sparks’ “No Air.” The growing eye-batting between Finn and Rachel sends Quinn into a fit. Well, a musical number really. For the first time, “Glee” heads dangerously close to “High School Musical” territory when Quinn bursts into The Supremes' “You Keep Me Hanging On.” I’m a wrong to want to keep these two things separate? No, McKinley High School Musical for me, thanks.

But, there was too much drama in the final act to worry about "HSM" comparisons. Sue spilled the beans to everyone about Quinn’s pregnancy (Jacob caved under the pressure), Mr. Schuster continued to get tricked by his increasingly cold-hearted wife about her “pregnancy” (I cried right along with him, because I felt so bad for the guy) and Rachel showed how a real storm-out is done.

I think the show had the good sense to save the evening’s best (and first non-R&B ) song for the last. Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On” sounded downright amazing from New Directions. Did you catch Finn holding Rachel AND Quinn’s hand? All I have to say is, oh boy. (Side note: how weird is it that just as her music is making a comeback thanks to our show, Avril's in today's news for filing for divorce?)

While next week’s episode looks more promising (Emma’s back!) I certainly liked that Will is starting to stick up for himself, Rachel is being more and more of a force to be reckoned with and Kurt made a wonderfully funny Justin Timberlake joke.

What did you think Gleeks? Was this a good episode or are you waiting for less quarrels and more chorals?