'The City' Girl Olivia Palermo Gives Us Hair Envy, So We Found Out How To Recreate Her Polished Locks

Olivia Palermo's fashionable wardrobe as an accessories editor at Elle magazine isn't the only thing of hers we covet. Though she may be rough around the edges, the 23-year-old "City" star consistently flaunts some super-soft, stylish hair. We were dyeing (get it?) to know how Olivia gets those bouncy waves and sun-kissed tresses, so we turned to the celebrity stylists at New York City's upscale salon, John Sahag Workshop.

For the socialite's signature shade, colorist Frank Reina said that, "her base was lightened to a medium to light golden honey blond with some classic fine weave highlights." But you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. To get the best match from your own stylist, Frank recommends taking a photo with you. "I know some colorist do not like that, but in my opinion, having a visual of what you are looking for really helps me out a lot."

Though, warns Frank, not everyone will be able to pull off Miss Palermo's hair color. Neutral skin tones will look best while those with pale, red or orange undertones may want to steer clear completely. If you do decide to take the plunge, expect to touch-up the base every four to six weeks and the highlights every two to three months.

If you want to mimic Olivia's look without the commitment, why not try rocking her lively curls? Senior Sahag stylist Karmela Lozina walked us step-by-step through how to sculpt those waves. "Section the hair with clips so you don't get overwhelmed," she said. "I would take vertical sections curling away from the face and spray with workable hairspray, this way you can keep using it and the hair won't get stiff."

Barrel size is also key. "The size iron she uses is 1 1/4 inch barrel iron," Karmela said. "You can use the T3 iron (pictured) or you can go less expensive and get Hot Tools, they have the same effect."

Once you're finished, give it one more all-over spray (Karmela recommends Sahag Air Power hairspray) and voila! You're ready to take on Manhattan and make your nemeses jealous with picture-perfect tresses. Just don't spend too much time schmoozing with your new coworkers at a work event instead of doing actual work, we know how much bosses hate that!

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