Move Over 'Twilight,' 'I Kissed A Vampire' Star Lucas Grabeel Says He's Inspired By Old School Bloodsuckers

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Fans looking for something to satisfy their vampire craving, as they not-so-patiently await the release of "New Moon" or a new episode of "Vampire Diaries," may find their answer on the Internet now, with last night's premiere of "I Kissed a Vampire," a Web series available exclusively on iTunes.

The "rock musical" (yes, apparently this is "Twilight" meets "Grease"), explores the life of Dylan (played by "High School Musical" alum Lucas Grabeel) as he falls in love with girl next door Sarah (played by newcomer Adrian Slade), all while transforming into a vampire … and you thought you had it tough!

Don't tune in expecting to see another Edward Cullen-like hearthrob though, as Lucas admits he hasn't even seen "Twilight" (gasp!). "I'm actually pretty bad about pop culture," he told MTV News, slightly embarrassed (as anyone who has not seen the movie should be).

Lucas, who also revealed that he didn't really know who Robert Pattinson was, said he drew inspiration for his character from the classic bloodsucking tales.

"I'm more of the Tom Cruise 'Interview with the Vampire,' Bram Stoker's original 'Dracula,' those kind of vampire movies."

But he's not completely hopeless. Lucas has at least watched a few newer vamp movies. "I just watched 'Let The Right One In,' which is a pretty recent vampire movie. It's definitely one of my favorite vampire movies of all time. That was pretty awesome."

Let's hope "Twilight" is next up on his Netflix cue!