If Pete Wentz Were To Create His Own Country (Ala Sealand), Wife Ashlee Could Film 'Melrose Place' There

We all know that these days, Fall Out Boy is taking some much needed time off. And, as Pete Wentz told us he'd definitely consider coming out of retirement if Sealand calls. (Sealand, by the way, is a sovereign principality founded on an abandoned British sea fort in 1967 by radio broadcaster and British Army Major Paddy Roy Bates.) Right now however, that much discussed gig is still up in the air.

"We got an email back where he's not on Sealand right now. He was on the beaches of South France basking in the sun was open to the possibility of it," he said of Bates. "That's the one thing — the one concert that Fall Out Boy could possibly play this year if we had a chance to play Sealand."

But the real news is what he shared next. So this whole idea of starting your own country made us wonder if Pete would be down to start his own. The answer is an enthusiastic YES. He said, "F*** yeah dude. Island powered by electric eels, Brando style dude. It's going to be crazy there, dude. You don’t even know."

However with wifey Ashlee Simpson's busy these days filming her CW soap, "Melrose Place," how will she be able to make the move and still shoot her show? No worries. Pete has it under control. "We have a live via link and an entire green screen with a crew that will film it," he said. "Well probably actually start shooting 'Melrose Place' there and just fly the cast in on the G8, which hasn’t been invented yet, but I got one."

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