Leighton Meester's Great Day, Keith Urban's Scent & 'New Moon' Clock Check In Today's Tweet Dreams

Sometimes celebrities reveal some rather odd things on Twitter. Whether it's their crazy pregnancy cravings like reality star Kendra Wilkinson, who updated us today with: "people keep asking about my cravings..well, right now i crave ribs and peanut butter..not together tho!!! hahaha," or their desire for unconventional homes, like Blink182's Mark Hoppus, who tweeted, "compared to the tour bus, my bed at home sucks. i fall asleep and wake up in the same city?!?! what fun is that? my house needs wheels." But, today's oddest admission came from "iCarly" star Jennette McCurdy who revealed, "can I just say that Keith Urban smells wonderful, more wonderful than any human being has a right to? I can't fall asleep because of it..."

Maybe there was something stranger going on around Twitter today now that we think about it. It seems celebs have Christmas fever ... in the middle of October. "Battlefield" songstress Jordin Sparks posted, "As soon as the weather changed, I started listening to Christmas music"

Check out what else had Twitter buzzing today, from the "New Moon" run time (is any run time long enough, really?) to Leighton Meester's (pictured) very good day. And as always, keep checking back with us @hollywoodcrush for the rest of your Hollywood news!

@twilight A quick clarification on the final runtime. 2:10 includes the credits, so the movie part of it runs just over 2 hours. About 2:01.

-Summit Entertainment ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@petewentz Are people in homeroom right now? Does that still exist or am I seriously that ancient?

-Pete Wentz, Musician (Fall Out Boy)

@itsmeleighton Yesterday was the best day o my life. Let's see if we can top it

-Leighton Meester, Singer, Actress ("Gossip Girl")

@stephenathome only 18 more days until candy gets really cheap

-Stephen Colbert, TV Host ("The Colbert Report")

@johnlegend Had some good South African cuisine for dinner. Ever had ostrich? It's actually quite good.

-John Legend, Singer

@heidimontag Today I am going to cook my first home made chicken noodle soup!!! I have so much fun cooking for my hubby!

-Heidi Montag, Reality Star ("The Hills")

@joelmchale Don't you think football would be even more interesting if one team wore helmets in the 1st half and then the other team in the 2nd half?

-Joel McHale, Actor, TV Host ("The Soup," "Community")

@adrienne_bailon I was just attacked by a squirrel in union square park.

-Adrienne Bailon, Singer, Actress ("Cheetah Girls")

@trvsbrkrKnocked a rib out of place today. owch

-Travis Barker, Musician (blink182)

@riverscuomo My butt feels bigger. In a good way.

-Rivers Cuomo, Musician (Weezer)