Watch The 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16' EXCLUSIVE Trailer -- It's Her Party And She'll Die If She Wants To!

The clip that we gave you yesterday from MTV's upcoming Halloween special "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" must've left you dying (get it?) for more. So your wish is our command!

Once you press play below, you'll be taken into the trailer for the freaky rendition of the reality series, "My Super Sweet 16." Only this time instead of crying over getting the wrong color of BMW, the birthday girl will be crying bloody murder. You see, Madison's (Juliana Guill) big soiree is supposed to be the event of the season ... until the "girl from the other side of the tracks" Skye (Lauren McKnight), who's been macking on Madison's ex (Chris Zylka), shows up and inadvertently invites her famed serial killer dad along for the ride. This party is about to become a rager, and we don't mean that in a good way.

Tune into "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" on MTV on October 23 at 10p.m. ET/PT.