Penn Badgley: We've Got Our Eyes On The 'Gossip Girl' And 'Stepfather' Star In This Week's Star Gazing

Unlike our last time Star-Gazing, Penn Badgley is one “Gossip Girl” star whose face we see very much of. The 23-year-old actor got his breakout role as one of the more prominent main characters on the show, the intelligent, Brooklyn-dwelling Dan Humphrey, who wins the heart of fallen queen bee Serena van der Woodsen. While Dan and Serena might not be together right now, his off-screen romance with Blake Lively is one sure to warm any “GG”-lover’s heart. And if that’s still not enough Penn for you, there’s always the very un-“Gossip Girl” thriller he is starring in, “The Stepfather,” which hits theaters this Friday.

Click on the photo below to see more snapshots of our favorite brooding indie beau and read on to get the dish on his rise to fame.

Penn’s earlier roles ranged from one-time appearances on “Will & Grace” and “What I Like About You” to recurring roles on lesser known shows like “Do Over,” “The Mountain” and “The Bedford Diaries.” But it was his role as good-guy Scott in 2006’s “John Tucker Must Die” that earned him his boost to fame — and a recurring character role on Josh Schwartz’s ritzy follow-up to “The OC.”

Now in its third season, Penn has taken little time away from the “Gossip Girl” set to expand his film resume. This week’s “The Stepfather” will be his first big screen film since “John Tucker.” Only box office numbers will tell whether Penn can pull off thrilling audiences as well as romancing them, but until then, we’ll be watching how his and Hilary Duff’s romance plays out on the small screen.