OK Go Calls The 'New Moon' Soundtrack (Now Out This Friday!) The Soundtrack 'For The New Generation'

Little did you know that, though their song on the “New Moon” soundtrack — which just had its release date bumped up to this Friday due to "overwhelming" response — is called “Shooting The Moon,” indie rock band OK Go leans more toward the Team Edward side of the "Twilight"-hunk debate. But it’s no easy formula.

"I'm gonna go Edward. In that lineup, we're closest to skinny vampire," frontman Damian Kulash told MTV in a recent interview.

"I'm pretty hairy, so maybe I am a werewolf," bassist Tim Nordwind said.

"So maybe we're three-quarters Edward, one-quarter Jacob," Damian concluded.

Getting selected to be on the soundtrack for the upcoming film isn’t the first time OK Go got some “Twilight” love. Stephenie Meyer thanked the band for their music in her books because it inspired her when she was writing, and even asked them to come play at one of the release parties.

“We feel a particular kinship with her, even though we've never met her,” Damian said.

Like Swedish pop singer Lykke Li who is also included on the soundtrack, the guys of OK Go relate the experience of the great line-up on the “New Moon” soundtrack to that of their own youth.

"It's a really amazing set of bands. It's a huge deal,” Damien said. “We grew up listening to the 'Pretty in Pink' soundtrack, and I sort of feel like this 'New Moon' soundtrack is like 'Pretty in Pink' for the new generation — foxy female lead, the kind of loser guy who becomes a sexpot and of course the 1,000-year-old witch/vampire type."

Which song off of the "NM" Soundtrack are you most looking forward to putting on repeat on your iPod?

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