Miley Cyrus Talks Twitter Turmoil, Taylor Swift And The Great Pole Dance Debacle Of '09

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Miley Cyrus stopped by Wisconsin's Kiss 103.7 radio yesterday to dish about deleting her Twitter account, Taylor Swift's VMA moment (you know, the one that Kanye interrupted... there's no chance you forgot about that, right?) and the controversy behind her pole dancing performance at the Teen Choice Awards.

The "Hannah Montana" star, who deleted her Twitter account last week, said she didn't say hasta la vista to the site because of "The Last Song" co-star Liam Hemsworth. So, why did she do it? Well, for one, she was over it.

"I was kind of just like over tweeting about what I was doing instead of actually doing it." Miley, who said she didn't use Twitter to promote herself or her albums, also realized that she wanted to keep things, like hanging out with the fam, a little more private.

"I complained that I wanted my private life more private but I’m the one who is giving the world access to it.”

Who can blame her? The girl had like two million followers on the site! Miley also had a few choice words about Kanye's on stage antics during bff Taylor Swift's VMA moment, or rather non-moment.

“What he did was for press so if you give him the press then it’s just giving him the satisfaction of what he did.” Enough said.

As for her own buzz-worthy stage act at the Teen Choice Awards when she performed a "controversial" pole dance to her song "Party in the U.S.A.," Miley said it was just entertainment. "If I stood up there and just sat by a microphone and there was nothing going on, it would just be like boring to me."

She also reminded her fans and critics that she's not the same person as Hannah Montana, who she described as bubbly and cutesy. "I've never claimed to be that for myself as Miley Cyrus. I've never claimed to be like you know the sugar-coated artist. I kind of do you know what I feel goes with the song and you know whether people like it that's great and if they don't that's who I am so, they don't have to be a fan."

Of course there were a few things Miley wouldn't comment on, namely her reported role in the upcoming "Sex and the City" movie sequel, and the rumors surrounding her and Liam (are they or aren't they dating?!). Apparently, she's taking this new private life thing seriously.

Press play below to hear more from the teen:

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