Alicia Silverstone's 'Kind Diet' Cookbook Helped Her Silence All The Naysayers Who Once Called Her 'Fat Girl'

When it comes to healthy living, actress Alicia Silverstone is anything but "Clueless." Once criticized for her weight while filming 1997's "Batman & Robin," the 33-year-old is now an outspoken vegan and PETA supporter. She's encapsulated her feel-good approach to life in a new cookbook and diet plan called "The Kind Diet."

"I've been on this journey for 11 years," she told MTV News. "I started to glow, and people were like, 'Why do you look so great?' I felt so much better, and I used to take an asthma inhaler and I used to get allergy shots — and all that stuff went away. And my skin got great. So what I found was at first, I thought this was good karma," she laughed.

So what can we expect from her book, which she calls the "secret drug"? "What I'm really trying to do is give you all the most valid information available in a really concise, fun way. I tried making it a really fun conversation." In addition to healthful tidbits, Alicia also dishes about her career, including the now infamous "Batman" weight controversy.

"I just wanted to be truthful, and I have such a sense of humor about it now, but that sucks to be a little girl running through an airport, literally running away," she recalled. "And these really large man, fat men, running after me screaming, 'Fat girl!' I was so indignant about it. I was like, 'Look at them.' I was hiding, waiting for the plane to come, and they're yelling nasty things, but I remember thinking, 'What do their children think? What kind of example are they setting for their kids?' "

Alicia is now setting her own good example, and she hopes readers will have a "magical" experience thanks to her advice. "My secret agenda is to make people happy and feel good, that's really my agenda," she said.

Will you be buying Alicia's new cookbook and diet plan?