'Center Stage' Star Amanda Schull Reemerges In Lifetime's 'Sorority Wars' - Watch A Clip Here!

Ever wonder what happened to Amanda Schull, the pretty pirouetting blond from the 2000 dance drama "Center Stage"? Well, before you dial missing persons you should probably tune in to Lifetime this weekend. MIA Amanda stars in the movie "Sorority Wars" (premiering Saturday, Oct. 17 at 9:00 p.m.), alongside one of our favorite young actresses, Lucy Hale, from the canceled-too-soon series "Privileged."

Amanda plays sorority rush chair Gwen, who's gunning for Lucy's Katie Parker to join the Delta house, seeing as their mothers (played by Courtney Thorne-Smith and Faith Ford) founded the popular sorority. But when Katie learns about Delta's dirty ways, she defects, pledging Kappa instead. And as you can imagine from the movie's title, a battle breaks out (and we're not talking about a pillow fight here) between the rival houses.

In the clip above, Katie arrives on campus and meets conniving Gwen who informs her that she's a shoe-in for a Delta spot (she is a legacy, after all) and even offers to be her "big sister." We'll bet our sorority pin those feelings don't last long.

Will you be watching "Sorority Wars" this weekend?