Vanessa Hudgens Comes Clean, Peter Facinelli Does Somersaults And More, In Today's Tweet Dreams

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac EfronFor many of you, the weekend is still going (lucky!) with the holiday, but as we all know, Twitter never takes a day off. Especially not when there's big news buzzing around. Vanessa Hudgens dropped in to tell fans two pieces of, admittedly, some not-so-great news. First, she broke it to us that, "Zac doesn't have a twitter account, i'm sorry guys. xoxo" and then, "To everyone curious! I won't be in HSM 4 : ( Sorry. xo" We're not sure which of these bums us out more! (EDITORS NOTE: After publishing this post, we've confirmed this is not a verified account by Vanessa Hudgens. We Apologize for the error. )

Of course, if you're a baseball fan (especially of the Yankees or Phillies) you have nothing to be bummed out about today. "That 70's Show" star Danny Masterson cheered, "Yankees win....daaaaaaaaaa yankees win!" while "Cougar Town" hottie Nick Zano joked about A-Rod and his main squeeze, "Dear Kate Hudson since you are helping the Yanks wondering if you're around Miami? Dolphins play tonight and we could really use a win." A little south of NYC, The Roots and "Late Night" drummer ?uestlove cheered on his team's victory, tweeting, "who hoo!!!!!!! phillies!"

Check out what else had celebs tweeting today, including some unfortunate mishaps (Jewel misplaced her wallet, while Kat De Luna lost her passport.) Don't forget you can always keep up with us on Twitter @hollywoodcrush to get all the latest news about your favorite stars!

@therealpickler Hello Mall of America!! ; )

-Kellie Pickler, Singer

@daxshepard1I hope the Philly Steaks in Philadelphia are better than the hamburger I put back in Hamburg today.

-Dax Shepard, Actor ("Baby Mama")

@peterfacinelli At gymnastics with my 3 yr old. Gonna work on my cartwheels and somersaults while I'm here. Maybe I'll get some stickers if I do good.

-Peter Facinelli, Actor ("Twilight," "New Moon")

@torianddeadLiam says he wants to be Superman for Halloween but points at a picture of Spiderman!

-Tori Spelling, Actress, Reality TV Star ("90210," "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood")

@michellebranch Laughing at my daughter Owen who I can hear from the other room saying "I want that for Christmas!" after every commercial. Oh to be a kid.

-Michelle Branch, Musician

@jeweljkJust realized i Left my wallet at the ranch!!! No I.D.! It's a 2 hour drive back to the ranch! Think they will accept a fax of my passport?

-Jewel, Musician

@katdelunaOMG! Someone stole my passport! Not cool!

-Kat De Luna, Singer

@adamlevineClouds are my least favorite thing. At least right now they are...

-Adam Levine, Singer (Maroon 5)

@loboswrothcloudy days make me SO all I need is a little rain!

-Lo Bosworth, Reality TV Star ("The Hills")

@thekatvondTheres the sweetest little racoon that hangs out around my house...we had a staring contest. And he totally won.

-Kat Von D, Reality TV Star ("LA Ink")