Robert Pattinson Happy To Pass 'Twilight' Hunk Status To Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner and Robert PattinsonFROM MTV.COM: Robert Pattinson is ready to let Taylor Lautner have all the attention for a while. Pattinson, who never really seems all that comfortable with the adoration he gets from fans and the media for his role in the "Twilight" movies, is ready to sit back and let someone else deal with the screaming girls. And thanks to his scaled-back role in "New Moon" and Lautner's beefed-up one, that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

"I'm not the lead in the second film. Taylor is," he told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I appear in Bella's dreams. So I'm in it but the focus is not on me. I just have significant moments at the beginning ... and the end. So I'm more of a supporting role in this one, which is why I felt so free. I didn't have to deal with any of the bullsh-- of the first one. I don't have to hold the movie or worry about the fans. I think I did it better without all those pressures."

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