Sophia Bush May Retire 'That's What She Said' Jokes On 'One Tree Hill'

For fans of "One Tree Hill," watching Sophia Bush make "That's What She Said" jokes on the show was a delightful experience. In fact as we mentioned earlier, Brooke Davis could easily challenge "The Office" boss Michael Scott to a TWSS-off.

So when MTV News got our grubby little hands on the star at the 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards on Sunday we had to get to the bottom of the phenomenon. "They've become this big thing," she said (and that almost felt like an invitation to TWSS her right there on the spot. We didn't, FYI.) "I'm going to have to talk to Steve Carell about it at the next award show that I see him at."

Sophia was very open to explaining just how Brooke Davis became TV's Best Female TWSS joke maker on TV. And, it seems her office is as addicted to them as the one that Carell stars in.

"It was just a joke written in a few times this season in a few episodes. They've sort of taken off… Everybody makes TWSS jokes. I think the reason being that our writers are making them so often in the writer's room whenever somebody says something inappropriate," Sophia explained.

Do you have your own favorite "That's What She Said" joke from either "The Office" or "One Tree Hill"? Enlighten us below.

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