'Sex And The City' Movie Sequel EXCLUSIVE Scoop: Kristin Davis Will Not Have A Pooping Scene

It's probably the #1 rule of tropical traveling: Never, ever drink the water. Kristin Davis learned that lesson the hard way in the "Sex and the City" movie when her character, prim and proper Charlotte York Goldenblatt, had a — shall we say — explosive reaction to the Mexican waters while "honeymooning" with her three gal pals.

So did she learn from her mistake for the upcoming sequel? MTV News caught up with Kristin and "Couples Retreat" costar Jon Favreau at the Bora Bora press junket (hard assignment, right?) for their upcoming comedy, where we asked about Charlotte's possible complications in "Sex and the City 2." "[They are] not gastrointestinal this time," Jon joked.

"Thank God," Kristin chimed in. "Because, boy, would I have had an issue with that, OK? I lived through it once. It worked out. We don't have to revisit that."

When pressed if she would top the infamous "pooping scene," Kristin had little to say to interviewer Josh Horowitz. "You were doing good until then. You pushed it too far," she said with a laugh.

But in all seriousness, Kristin couldn't spill too many "Sex" secrets due to that lengthy confidentiality agreement she signed in blood (OK, not really, but wouldn't that be kind of funny?), but she did explain just a smidgen about why we've seen so many shots of her and her costars with crimped hair and 80s stone washed jeans.

"There's a good story why we're in it," she said.

If you're not afraid of a little TMI, click play on the clip below to hear more about Kristin and Jon's gastrointestinal issues.