Reminder: Carve Those Pumpkins Into Robert Pattinson Art For Our Rob O'Lantern Contest!

By Matt Thompson

Each year, millions of people go out and purchase pumpkins in light of the leaves falling and the seasons changing. Not to mention the scariest holiday of the year, Halloween. On November 20th, the "Twilight" sequel is set to hit theaters. So what better way to celebrate both "New Moon" and Halloween at the same exact time than to carve a Robert Pattinson pumpkin? Great idea! And this is where the Rob O’Lantern Contest starts.

The scoop: We want you to take one of those pumpkins you purchased and whittle Robert Pattinson’s face into it. Make it resemble the beloved blood-sucking Edward Cullen, the courageous Cedric Diggory or Robert Pattinson himself. Plop a wig on it to emulate Pattinson’s hair or put a little scuff around his mouth! It doesn’t matter; we just want to see Rob’s face on a jack-o-latern! When you are finished send a picture of your pumpkin to with the label “Rob O’Lantern Contest.” The DEADLINE for the photo is October 23. The following week, we'll reveal the top 3, with the grand-prize winner announced October 30.

So what’s the prize for all your hard work? Did you just go through all this for nothing? No, absolutely not! The winner will get their personalized Hollywood Crush post to blog about RPattz themselves. Yes, that’s right you can say whatever you’d like about the "Twilight" star (keep it G-rated, folks). Love or hate him, it’ll all be out there! So get on carving those pumpkins, times a wasting!