Before Emma Stone, Came Kristen Stewart For 'Zombieland' Star Jesse Eisenberg (Lucky Guy, Right?)

We just can't get enough of the adorable Jesse Eisenberg here at Hollywood Crush. And we're thinking that after you see "Zombieland" this weekend, you'll be hopping aboard our Eisenberg fan train as well. But before you go watching him fall for Emma Stone as he tries to fend off flesh eaters in his newest flick, you should take a look back at another love interest from a past film — you may have heard of her? — Kristen Stewart. That's right, the two starred together in a different kind of movie with the world "land" at the end of its title: "Adventureland."

In the quirky comedy, which came out in April, Jesse played a recent college grad who winds up working at a theme park with Kristen's Em. He likes her maturity, and she likes his sweetness. But we're not here to talk about the film (as we're sure most of you KStew fans have seen it), we thought that with it being the opening weekend of "Zombieland," we'd pull out a vintage (OK fine ... it's only nine months old) clip from our MTV interview vault, in which Jess and Kristen talk about their immediate chemistry. ("We proved to be impeccable chemists," Kristen notes). But had Jesse even heard of "Twilight" before embarking on an adventure(land) with her? You'll have to press play on the video (shot in January during the Sundance Film Festival) below to find out!

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