Attention, Studios: 'The Vampire Diaries' Author L.J. Smith's Other Novels Await You

Now that the CW's "The Vampire Diaries" has won over many an undead-loving heart, there's one question both fans and entertainment execs should be asking: What other L.J. Smith novels could provide juicy material for a TV show or movie?

In addition to "TVD," the author has written a nine-book (and counting) series called "Night World," which is all about the teenage vampires, witches, werewolves, shapeshifters and spirits that live among us. There's also "Dark Visions" (a trilogy about psychics), the witch trilogy "Secret Circle" and "The Forbidden Game" (a trilogy about a board game that leads its players to a nightmarish other world).

"I've thought that 'Soulmate' in the 'Night World' series would make a really nice TV-movie or just a movie," L.J. told MTV News, referring to the series' sixth book, about a girl who realizes that the strange nightmares she's been having are actually memories of her many past lives, in which she's reunited with her vampire soul mate, only to be murdered again and again. "I even thought of perhaps, after I'm done with the current books that I'm contracted for, of trying my hand at doing a screenplay. I've always thought that would make a good movie, because you could do all the period pieces."

Smith said that Sony Pictures had once optioned one of her "Night World" books, but nothing ever came of it. She was also in talks with a producer about "Secret Circle" once, and that went nowhere too.

But it seems like the time is ripe for those projects to be revived. I'm sure I'm not the only one to just discover Smith's many amazing stories (proof: the reissues of "TVD," "Night World" and "Dark Visions" are all back on the New York Times Best Sellers list). In the past week, I've been reading "Night World" books at a rate of one a day — much to the dismay of my friends and family. Each story concentrates on a different set of characters whose lives all begin to intersect as the series progresses, but they all share a common theme that "Vampire Diaries" fans will recognize: kickass female heroines, otherworldly dangers and yummy boys. They'd be excellent material for stand-alone movies, or maybe even a "Heroes"-style TV show that incorporates all the characters.

Seriously, what are the studios waiting for?

Have you read L.J. Smith's other novels? Which books do you want to see make it to the screen?