'Twilight' Producers Indulge In Lauren's Conrad's 'Candy' And Offer A Movie Deal

It's been a good week for Lauren Conrad. Not only did she launch her new Kohls clothing line, but she also got her first novel, "L.A. Candy," picked up by the executive producers of none other than "Twilight."

It was Lauren who approached production company Temple Hill Entertainment partners, Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey (the same duo who are bringing the novel "Wings" to life on the big screen), to make the film. "Lauren, who became an icon in that reality show world, came to us with a structure of how to tell the story in an interesting fashion that was separate and apart from the book," Marty said in an interview with Variety.

Marty and Wyck were certainly the right people to approach with the project. They are the producers behind all of the "The Twilight Saga" big screen adaptations. The first film went on to make $191 million in the United States alone.

And Lauren's "L.A. Candy," a fictional retelling of her own ordinary-to-reality-star tale, has the legs to stand on its own without the powerhouse "Twilight" producers. The novel was released in June and has remained on the New York Times bestsellers chart for the 14 weeks since its debut.

"We loved her take. Her book is an honest portrayal of what it must be like to set out to be normal, then sign on to become famous and eventually realize, wow, this isn't at all what I'd planned for myself," Marty said of the novel.

Despite her recent departure from "The Hills" after she headlined both that and its predecessor "Laguna Beach" for the past five years, Lauren seems set to move on with her life. In addition to the clothing line and the big screen adaptation of her first novel, is also executive producing the film with her company Blue Eyed Girl Productions, and she has two more books slated to come out about the life of "L.A. Candy" lead Jane Roberts.

What do you think about Lauren Conrad getting a movie deal? Are you surprised? Or did you see this coming?