'The Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari Is Really Sorry She Ever Introduced Spencer & Heidi

By Lauren Joskowitz

Without the “The Hills” and that infamous Speidi couple, reality television would have never been the same. Fans and viewers have gotten the opportunity to witness a false pregnancy, multiple marriage attempts, and a variety of friendship and family wars — and it’s all thanks to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

This wild duo, who believe they are “Barack and Michelle famous" (er, at least according to the NY Post), have provided hours of entertaining — and sometimes excruciating — drama and comedic arguments for the MTV series. Unfortunately, the woman responsible for the creation of Speidi is regretting ever introducing them. "I want to apologize to everybody,” Kristin Cavallari recently told “The Hills After-show” host Dan Levy, “I had no idea what it would turn into." No need to worry, Kristin! We all love the crazy, bickering couple.

"The Hills" season premiere airs tonight at 10pm, and we know there is much more in store from the "Speidi" couple. Whether it be tantrums stifled by jealousy or disagreements about starting a family, we can’t we to see what Heidi and Spencer will mix up next!

Do you wish Kristin had never introduced Heidi and Spencer? What is your favorite “Speidi” moment?