New 'New Moon' Posters Show Off The Cullens Vs. The Volturi Vs. The Wolf Pack-- Which Team Are You On?

That Summit Entertainment, what a tease. Don’t they know we don’t want more posters, we want a new trailer showing us our favorite “New Moon” characters in action! Or for them to release the film a month and a half early! But alas — the production company behind “The Twilight Saga” released three new posters today featuring, respectively, the Cullen's and Bella, the Volturi and the wolf pack. Fortunately, these posters are planned to be plastered across bus stops and other spots that feature outdoor posters in the coming weeks. I guess seeing Bella and friends (and enemies!) everywhere we turn isn’t such a bad alternative.

The first poster above of the Cullen's I find a little misleading. Bella and Edward are wrapped around one another but — and I don’t want to ruin this for anyone who still hasn’t read “New Moon” — Edward leaves so early on! Couldn’t they have represented that somehow through this poster? Not that I mind seeing Bella and Edward in a tight embrace, but I feel like they let the ball drop on this one. Also, what’s up with Jackson Rathbone's face?

Oh that Chris Weitz and his new red contacts, how clearly you show through in this wonderful poster of the Volturi! Granted we’re sure someone behind these heavily photoshopped photos accentuated the blood-red eyes of the evil vampires, but if you’ve seen the trailer (which I’ll assume you have), you’ll know the red looks just as great on screen. I wish we got to see all eight of the Volturi gang instead of just Jane, Aro, Caius, Alec and Marcus. That’s probably because, as you’ll notice if you look a little closer at the poses of the actors, these are the exact same pictures from the stand alones of the Volturi released earlier this summer, except they’ve been superimposed over one another. Oh well, Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen still look awesome.

And then we get to the grand finale. The wolf pack. It doesn’t matter that all the actors are relative no-names with the exception of Taylor Lautner. Look at those bulging biceps! Those brooding faces! And the Quilete tattoo on each of their forearms! While we’re drooling over our favorite werewolves, everyone over the age of 20 should keep in mind TLaut is still only 17. And then go out and blow up a life-size version of this poster.

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What do you think of the new “New Moon” posters? Which is your favorite?