'The Beautiful Life': We Have Plenty Of Burning Questions In The Wake Of The Series' Cancellation

EDITORS NOTE: After we published this post we actually got a chance to talk with an insider from "The Beautiful Life" who low and behold had answers to almost all of our questions. So after you read the below, make sure not to miss our exclusive interview about the show's cancellation and would-be storylines!

By now you've likely heard the CW model drama "The Beautiful Life: TBL" walked off the runway — or more accurately, was pushed — due to poor ratings. The Mischa Barton-starring series, produced by Ashton Kutcher, ran for just two episodes before getting the axe, making it the first series cancellation of the 2009-10 season. Though low viewership was blamed, we can't help but wonder if the inclusion of "beautiful" in the title had something to do with it. Back in 2006, another show about comely characters, the ABC Family drama "Beautiful People," starring Daphne Zuniga and a pre-"Twilight" Jackson Rathbone (!), was also canceled, though after 16 episodes.

Whatever the reason for its demise, the death of "TBL" has left us with several unsolved mysteries and burning questions. After the jump, check out our top 10:

1. Who is the father of Sonja's baby?

2. Why was Raina's (Sara Paxton) father in prison?

3. Did Chris (Ben Hollingsworth) have to sleep on the floor or did he get to have a model slumber party in Raina's bed?

4. What was the history between Sonja and Cole (Nico Tortorella)? It seemed like something was there, right?

5. Is Raina's brother Alex (Billy Magnussen) sleeping with the fishes?

6. Did Sonja ever run into Serena van der Woodsen at 1Oak?

7. Would Isaac (Corbin Bleu) be rescued from a life of prostitution by Troy Bolton?

8. What would have come in Chris' care package from the farm? Long underwear? Wool socks? An ear of corn to remember his family by?

9. Would Ashton ever "Punk" the set with a super-glue covered runway?

10. Which "Twilight" star would kill Mischa in this series?

Did the cancellation of "The Beautiful Life" leave you with any burning questions?

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