Drew Barrymore's 'Whip It' Was Like A 'Party With A Script,' Star Landon Pigg Says Of The Fun On Set

Landon Pigg may hook up with Ellen Page on the big screen in "Whip It" out on Friday, but the duo also ended up making music together in real life. When they weren't busy falling in love for the film, they were busy sitting around strumming guitar and playing piano in their off time. And Landon reveals what everyone may have imagined about what it was like to work on the set: "It was like a party with a script.

"I'm not really good at teaching music but for one thing me and Ellen sat down at the guitar once and she was like showing me a song she was writing. She knows how to play 'Blackbird' and stuff," he told Hollywood Crush about his time with "Juno" herself. "But we did a little duet on the piano one day before we were shooting this underwater love scene. Just as they were getting lights ready, and we're playing there's a grand piano in this abandoned yacht club where we're shooting. We're kind of just signing ['Islands in the Stream'] killing time. And that's a good memory of mine."

But, Ellen wasn't the only one who got down on set. When Drew Barrymore wasn't busy playing roller derby girl Smashley Simpson and directing the flick, she was busy banging on the drums.

" Detroit's a city where you’ve got to stick together with your clan or you're going to be dodging tumbleweeds," he explained. "So that was another element that brought us together. People were really responsible for the most part; you can't just go out and stay out late every night. Everyone was really professional, but if there was a day if you had two days off or a weekend, sure we'd go to a speakeasy and I got there late one night and I go up and see Juliette Lewis and Eve like trading off raps on stage and Drew was playing the drums and I'm like what is going on here this is crazy. It was a fun crew."

So, are you excited to see the kind of magic Drew and the crew are bringing to the world of roller derby? Are you hoping that there might be some singing action from her in the flick?