Caught: Robert Pattinson's Face And 'Twilight' Posters All Over Bora Bora

By Vanessa White Wolf

It's pretty incredible that even in the most remote, exotic places of the world - you can still find "Twilight" fever. Case in point — I'm in Bora Bora for the "Couples Retreat" junket. It took 21 hours to get here from NYC, a transit time that included three different flights. If you look up Bora Bora on a map, you see it's literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. All of this meaning ... it's a gorgeously isolated island. Well, during some free time, Movies Editor Josh Horowitz and I decided to do some exploring on the mainland. So Josh, his lovely wife Jenny, and I hopped on a small boat to be whisked away to the tiny town of Vaitape. We were dropped off in the main marketplace, which was actually only a little strip of about four different shops.

The first image we're greeted with? Robert Pattinson. More specifically, Robert Pattinson's beautiful, pensive face from a "Twilight" poster plastered in a store window. (There were some French phrases that I wasn't able to translate if any of you care to assist.) Anyway, in store number two, we browsed the aisles of flowered pareos and Tahitian vanilla. Suddenly, we came upon upon Robert Pattinson's dreamy visage. Actually, a ton of Robert Pattinson's as you can see in the picture after the jump.

Now, I don't want to sound ungrateful. I'm happy to see RPattz at any time, in any place. Certainly not complaining. I just wanted to share with you that even though we knew Twilighters exist all over the world — it truly has become a global phenomenon.