'Twilight Fashion Week' Concludes With A Quileuete Keychain And An Edward Bracelet

By Chineza Ezinkwo

Hey guys, Chineza here. The “Twilight Fashion Week” finale is upon us, and I am here to show you the last two items from the highly anticipated line of “New Moon” merchandise coming soon from our buddies at Nordstrom. Personally, I wish "Twilight Fashion Week" were like Edward &8212; immortal. But regardless, I’m super-excited to show you these two new items. OME!

The first piece is the Edward charm bracelet, a symbol of my undying love for the vampire and his never-ending hotness. It’s a silver charm bracelet, and each charm has a special meaning representing our favorite Cullen. It has a large, bejeweled "E," a lion charm representing his romance with Bella and — natch — the Cullen crest. My fellow intern Liliana showed you the Bella bracelet that goes with it yesterday, but if you really want to show your love for Edward, this piece is a must-have.

Are you Team Wolfpack and looking for some bling to rep your love for the shapeshifting hotness that is Jacob? Don’t worry, we got you covered with Team Wolfpack tees this special Quileute keychain. It’s a long gold keychain with a set of charms representing Jacob, including a feather that represents his Native American ancestry and other charms that symbolize the pack. The coolest part is that it has a bit of weight to it, so it's perfect for wacking any vampires that may sneak up on you from behind.

Although "Twilight Fashion Week" here at MTV is over, this hot new line of “New Moon” merch is coming to a Nordstrom near you soon. So, to all my fellow “Twilight” fans, get ready for things to get a little crazy at your local department stores. In case you missed the rest of this week's reveals, click on the photo below to see the full collection of Nordstrom products we were able to get a first look at!

Which do you want more, the Edward charm Bracelet or the Wolfpack keychain?