Just Like 'Twilight,' Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host' Will Hit The Big Screen, But Who Should Star In It?

"New Moon" is still two months away from hitting theaters, "Eclipse" is filming and Summit Entertainment is figuring out who is doing what in "Breaking Dawn" pre-production, but with film rights for Stephenie Meyer's "The Host" being purchased earlier this week, the focus has shifted away momentarily from "The Twilight Saga" and instead to its science fiction cousin.

I've met plenty of "Twilight" fans who still haven't read "The Host," even though its maintained its spot on the New York Times bestsellers list from its debut in May 2008. In many ways, I like it more than "The Twilight Saga" for its intriguing plot and interesting characters. The dynamic relationship between Melanie, a rebel human trying to resist an alien invasion, and Wanda, the alien or Soul who possess her body, is the driving force of the entire novel, and a really intriguing one at that.

So what we at Hollywood Crush have decided to do (since we've had so much luck with it in the past) is put together a wish list (see it after the jump!) of our preferred actors to get cast in "The Host." And this time, if we get it right, please let us know first!


First choice: Summer Glau

Summer has played some really screwed up characters in the past, like River Tam from "Firefly" and "Serenity" and Cameron Phillips in "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," so we know she would be able to pull off two entities battling for control of one mind. Plus, she can kick some serious ass.

Runners up:

1. Olivia Wilde

While tall, dark and pretty just like Melanie is described in "The Host." Olivia might be too hot, and too well-known, to headline this film. Also, we aren't sure if shed be willing to get as dirty as this role would require.

2. Milla Jovovich

From "The Fifth Element" to "Resident Evil," Milla Jovovich was born to play the role of Melanie and Wanda. But Melanie is supposed to be 20 in "The Host," and while we love Milla, she's looking a little too old to pull that off.


First Choice: Chris Pine

Jared is supposed to be the epitome of male beauty, and for anyone who saw this years "Star Trek," you'd know Chris definitely fits that criteria. We also know, thanks to J.J. Abrams, Chris looks just as good aggressive with blood covering his face as he does being sweet and sentimental. We just know he could pull off the two sides: Melanie's love interest and an intense Wanda hater.

Runners up:

1. Matt Damon

Stephenie Meyer said he was her dream Jared. But Jared is supposed to be in his 20s and, like Milla Jovovich, Matt is looking his 38 years.

2. Jared Padalecki

The "Supernatural" star has got the looks of Jared, but were not sure if he has the cruelty in him to pull off some of the darker scenes in "The Host." But hey, at least they share a first name!


First choice: Brandon Routh

So what if "Superman Returns" tanked? To play a man who is able to fall in love with an alien an awesome, extraordinarily sympathetic alien, but an invading species nonetheless, takes a certain amount of empathy and restraint that were sure Brandon could pull it off. And without all the softening hues of Bryan Singer's superhero story, Brandon would look good rugged and dirty. And let's not forget about those gorgeous blue eyes!

Runners up:

1. Taylor Kitsch

We'd have to see Taylor with short hair to really judge how he'd pull off Ian (we bet he'd look quite handsome), but we also aren't sure if he could put his bad boy nature aside to pull off the much more somber and sweet Ian.

2. Milo Ventimiglia

Like Matt Damon and Milla Jovovich before him, Milo would be perfect for the part of Ian if only he were a few years younger. Until then, well keep drooling after him on "Heroes."

Do you have any casting ideas for "The Host"? Let me know in the comments section below!