'Twilight' Scribe Will Return To Pen 'Breaking Dawn' & Summit Still Might Make It A Two-Parter (Our Take? Terrible Idea!)

Melissa Rosenberg has got to be the happiest lady in the Twi-verse. She has just signed on, according to E! Online, to pen the screenplay of the final “Twilight” novel, “Breaking Dawn” — which, by the way, we still don’t know if it’s going to be in one or two movies.

According to E!, when they spoke to Melissa last week, she said “everything was still up in the air,” but their “Twilight” insider said Melissa's deal is done, though Summit has returned to the idea of splitting “Breaking Dawn” into two movies.

While there is certainly enough content in “Breaking Dawn” to drag it out over two movies, I don’t think it should be done. There are going to be spoilers for a little while I continue my rant, so if you haven’t read “Breaking Dawn” yet, go out and remedy that and then come back and finish reading this post. The first “Breaking Dawn” film would be what? Bella and Edward getting married, going on a honeymoon and getting preggers? And then us having to sit around and watch as she gradually kills herself for a baby? Sorry guys, but I don’t want to spend two hours on that. And sure, the second film will be cool to see Bella run around as a vamp for maybe 30 minutes, tops, but the rest of that book is just an anti-climactic battle-less sequence!

Melissa has the — lucky or unlucky, you decide — job of rewriting Stephenie Meyer’s beloved vampire love story, and E! questions whether she has the ballsiness to do it. They suggest bringing in Diablo Cody for the final installment to crank this up a notch (let’s face it, the screenwriting in “Twilight” was pretty shoddy. Let’s hope more than RPattz’s pretty face can carry “New Moon”). But what I challenge Melissa, or whoever, to do in “Breaking Dawn” is remedy all the times Stephenie Meyer fell flat. Two hundred pages of Bella wasting away? Sorry, but that’s not something I want to see translated directly to the big screen.

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