'Scene It? Twilight' New Details Unveiled: Test Your Expert Edward & Bella Knowledge On Wii And DS

There’s already Twilight The Game, but now new (exciting!) details have been released as “Twilight” enters into another genre of movie trivia games. Two months ago we teased initial information about Scene It? Twilight, which will hit shelves on October 1. But today Konami and Screenlife released new news that the Twilight edition will be available not only as a board game, but will be released for Wii in the fall and DS in spring 2010.

The DVD board game (pictured) is slated for ages 14 and up, will cost about $30 and will available at all major retailers (in fact, you can already pre-order the game on Amazon.com). There was no news on how much the Wii or DS versions of the game will cost.

The Wii features will differ from those of the board game, which we discussed in our previous post. The Wii Scene It? version will contain over 500 multiple choice questions based on movie clips, music and audio (similar to how the board game works), but will have a new user interface. According to the press release, “the new Scene It? Twilight Wii version presents a new look and feel, giving fans a great reason to play both the Wii and the DVD boardgame versions.” We’re not sure what that could be, but we’re hoping its somewhere along the lines of different version of Edward shirtless and maybe the possibility of us virtually simulating the touching of his abs.

Scene It? Twilight for the Wii will incorporate the use of the Wiimote to buzz in, instead of the controllers the board game comes with. There will also be two new gameplay modes: single and multiplayer (you're already planning a firls sleepover now aren't you?) and new scoring systems.

Though there was no news on how the DS game will differ from either of the other formats (six months is still pretty far away), we’re assuming — like most Wii to DS games — its look and functionality will remain similar. So there you go, “Twilight” fans. Edward and Bella are coming to Nintendo products near you, and now you have a new reason to buy a Wii and DS.

What do you think of the Scene It game heading to different platforms? What kinds of games and puzzles do you hope to be played when these all get released?