'Twilight Fashion Week' Continues With Two Never-Before-Seen Necklaces: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Hey Twilighters! Over the last few days, we’ve been having a blast celebrating “Twilight Fashion Week” here at MTV. After I met some of the nice folks at Nordstrom while covering Comic-Con, we’ve stayed in touch and they were nice enough to send us a whole box of goodies that won’t be on their shelves for a few more weeks, so that we can give an exclusive first-look to you guys. Why? Cuz they know you're hardcore.

First, we showed you the “Team Wolfpack” t-shirts, with some help from Mr. Cam Gigandet. Then, yesterday came the Cullen and Volturi “Crest” tees. But you might be wondering: Hey, where’s all the Edward and Jacob stuff? And how is a girl supposed to accessorize?

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got both questions covered today. After the jump, take a gander at these super-cool, elegantly simple “Edward” and “Jacob” necklaces that you’ll only see here at Hollywood Crush.

First up is the “Edward Single Charm Chain Necklace,” seen in the photo at the top of the post being modeled by our lovely intern (and “Twilight” nut) Liliana Klein. The centerpiece of the item is a solid but lightweight, white heart with the name of our favorite sparkly Cullen written in the “Twilight” font and underlined with some Meyer-esque curlies. Like many of the items in the collection, it also has a tiny charm that says “Twilight.” But the coolest part may be the small black heart charm.

But wait, you say, "I’m Team Jacob!" Well, Nordstrom has created the perfect accessory to go along with your Taylor Lautner Burger King hat, and it’s the “Jacob Single Charm Chain Necklace.” This one comes on a gold chain rather than Edward’s silver, and is a bit more colorful, reflecting Taycob’s sunny attitude and always-present smile. The word “Jacob” is written in a blocked, yellow font, and is surrounded by some black-and-white patterns. My favorite part? The necklace also has a charm that is one half of a broken heart.

Start saving your pennies, folks, because these necklaces will soon be on sale at a Nordstrom near you, to help celebrate the opening of “New Moon” in November. I hope you guys are enjoying “Twilight Fashion Week” as much as our interns have enjoyed their first modeling gig (Tyra Banks, eat your heart out!), and be sure to check back tomorrow and Friday as we unveil more never-before-seen goodies!

Which necklace do you want more: Team Edward or Team Jacob?