'Twilight Fashion Week' Continues With Two More Never-Before-Seen Tees: Paging Edward Cullen!

By Chineza Ezinkwo

What’s up? I am a new intern with MTV News. I’ve only been here for a week but let me tell you, we’re doing big things over here. My fellow interns and I got an exclusive sneak peek of some “New Moon” gear that will be hitting Nordstrom stores in a few week. Yesterday, Liliana showed you the “Team Wolfpack” tees, and now I get to show you more new stuff as MTV’s “Twilight Fashion Week” continues!


Now, I’m not big on showing off my “Twilight” obsession for the whole world to see — I mean, wearing a shirt with a big, screaming movie title just ain’t my style, OK? — which is exactly why I love today’s “Crest" tees (I'm wearing one of them in the picture above).

Out of the two, my fave tee is the deep blue one with the Cullen family crest. One of the reasons why it’s near to my heart is that MTV was the outlet that revealed the existence of the Catherine Hardwicke-conceived crest last year, and months later we all saw it in the movie. Now, here’s your chance to wear the same logo that RPattz, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene and the rest of the Cullen clan wore while filming the flick. So, I’m happy to throw on this shirt and show off my family pride ... in more ways than one.

Looking for something with a bit more mystery, recognizable only by the truest of “Twilight” fans? Then you’re going to love the other shirt we’re unveiling today, a beautiful green Volturi tee. The Volturi crest cascades down from the scoop neck, and the tee is so light and soft that you’ll never want to take it off. What a great way to discover other “Twilight” fans on the street – if somebody walks up to you and asks “Is that the Volturi crest?” you know they’re hardcore!

Be sure to keep checking back all week long, as we keep exclusively unveiling the new Nordstrom merch that make up Twilight Fashion Week!

Which of the new tees is your favorite, or will you buy both when they hit stores?