It's 'Twilight' Fashion Week: Get A Sneak Peek At Two New Tees -- With Help From A 'Twilight' Star!

Hey everyone! First, let me introduce myself. My name is Liliana Klein and I’m a brand new intern for MTV News. During my second day here, the most exciting thing happened (yes, it has a little something to do with the photo of "Twilight" villain Cam Gigandet and me above)!

I'm a big “Twilight” fan, and MTV's version of “Twilight Fashion Week” just so happens to be taking place over these next five days in honor of Nordstrom's new line of “New Moon” merchandise debuting out next month. Yep, all week long writer Larry Carroll and us interns will be unveiling new, never-before-seen products from the Nordstrom collection. Say it with me now: OME!

The festivities start today with these pictures of myself and my new fellow intern friend Chineza doing our first professional photo shoot. Check out these pics of the “Team Wolfpack” tees, as well as the very-special-guest pictured above who was eager to inspect the new merch from his movie franchise!

What I love about these clothes is that all of them are actually wearable — it doesn't look like you just walked right out of a souvenir shop. There’s so much pressure on us fans to choose “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob,” but as we all know, it’s impossible to pick between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Latuner. Thanks to these “Team Wolfpack” shirts, I can pick a third party and not offend those guys.

Both tees are slim fitting and sheer; one could honestly wear them whenever they wanted to look cute, but casual. My favorite of the two is a green and blue, sheer shirt. It has quarter-length sleeves, and is flattering to any body type.

The other shirt (pictured above on editor Katie Byrne) is plain white, with long sleeves. It’s also very lightweight, and goes with pretty much everything. Personally, what I love about these shirts is that they let “Twilight” fans wear the logos and symbols of the movies they love, while still being able to look cute and fashionable too. Which, in my humble opinion, has been long overdue for fan apparel.

What do you think of these “Team Wolfpack” t-shirts? Which one would you choose, or will you buy both?