NPH Steals The Emmy's & Twitter And Ashley Greene Gets Her Own Account In Today's Tweet Dreams

All of Hollywood is still buzzing about last night's Emmy's ceremony. The winners! The losers! The dresses! But, the real toast of the town was Emmy's host (but, sadly, not award recipient) Neil Patrick Harris (pictured) who wowed the crowd and viewers with his singing skills, comedic chops, and one legendary appearance by Dr. Horrible. David Henrie, who also stars on NPH's "How I Met Your Mother," tweeted, "NPH killed it," while "Biggest Loser" host Ali Sweeney agreed, "Neil Patrick Harris totally did a great job." While we agree with the both of them, we couldn't help but giggle at (and agree with) Olivia Munn's observation, " I'm in love with Neil Patrick Harris. Does he HAVE TO be gay? Uuggh. I get no breaks in this life."

Of course, no awards show recap would be complete without fashion, and it seems Christina Applegate had a harder time parting with her gorgeous gown than she did with the trophy she was nominated for (but lost to Toni Collette). The actress tweeted, " Good morning all. The carriage has turned to a pumpkin. Dress goes back to Basil Soda and now it's just monday."

While most stars recover from Emmy madness, "New Moon" star Ashley Greene has recovered enough from her VMA gig to sign up for her own Twitter account! Check out what else had celebs chatting today, from Jordin Sparks' secret to birthday boy Tom Felton's celebration plans. And don't forget to follow us everyday @hollywoodcrush for all the latest going on in the Twitterverse!

@tomfelton waffles were great!!! playing guitar on the balcony now watching the waves....deliberating whether to go jet skiing or not....yay or nay?!?

-Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince")

@robertsemma Having fun on but missing LA a little...and one person in particular....xo

-Emma Roberts, Actress (“Nancy Drew,” “Hotel For Dogs”)

@katyperry About to get scandalous in a fountain with 3oh3. But first I must go through the glam squad as I am arriving with zit cream still on. ZEXY!

-Katy Perry, Singer

@chriscolfer I could never get sick of seeing the Sydney Opera House outside my window. It's beautiful, but more importantly reminds me of Finding Nemo.

-Chris Colfer, Actor (“Glee”)

@therealjordin I wrote a card to #postsecret about a year & a half ago...I was too scared to send it in. I figured people would know it was me.

-Jordin Sparks, Singer

@officialkat nothing like a yodeling jogger at 1am...I can't make this stuff up guys

-Kat Dennings, Actress (“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist")

@petewentz Woke up and my mouth tastes like sun chips. Hope I ate them last night.

-Pete Wentz, Musician

@itsbrittanysnow On a lunch break, eating a salad.. I need to eat more like this haha.

-Brittany Snow, Actress (“Prom Night,” “Hairspray”)

@rainnwilson The Rocker would have done better had it been called "Tyler Perry's The Rocker". All new movies should consider this PR move.

-Rainn Wilson, Actor (“The Office,” “The Rocker”)

@michaelianblack Idea for modern witches: riding Swiffers instead of brooms.

-Michael Ian Black, Comedian, Actor (“Michael and Michael Have Issues”)