'The Vampire Diaries' TV Recap: 'The Night Of The Comet'

'The Vampire Diaries': Season 1, Episode 2I must confess: although my capacity for vampire-related entertainment is reaching critical mass, last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" was great enough that I hardly even noticed that the storyline revolves around a couple of undead hotties -- a worthy follow-up to last week's promising pilot, for sure. Maybe it's that clever Kevin Williamson-brand banter ("It's easy -- boy likes girl, girl likes boy, sex," says Elena's blonde friend Caroline in what's surely the most egregious oversimplification of teenage relationships ever) that keeps drawing me in.

We learned several new things during last night's show. First, apparently all vampires like to read "Wuthering Heights" and quote it to the ladies. Seriously -- "Twilight" fans will know that it's already Edward and Bella's favorite book, and in last night's episode of "VD," Stefan quoted the classic to Elena before offering her a leather-bound copy that's been passed down in his family (a.k.a., uh, it's his, and he's really freakin' old).

Second, Mr. Tanner -- the history teacher, not to be confused with "Wake Up San Francisco" host Danny Tanner -- is a complete d--k. Or, as Aunt Jenna put it, an "asshat" (now there's a term I'd like to see used more frequently in day-to-day life). Third, THANK GOODNESS we only had to wait an episode before Stefan and Elena consummated their back-and-forth flirting with a kiss. Meanwhile, human-eating Damon was consummating something else with Caroline (sex!) -- that is until his eyes did that creepy veiny thing and he attacked her with his fangs (not a euphemism). Can't wait to see how the fallout from that will unfold next week.

I leave you with one complaint -- how long do you think they can keep up this "Dear Diary" nonsense? I'm all for using the journaling as a framing device (and as a way to demonstrate how perfect Stefan and Elena are for each other, swoon), but do they really have to actually say the words "Dear Diary"? We understand the concept -- the voiceover we're hearing is what she's writing, especially since we can see Elena sitting by the window and scribbling away in a notebook.

Do you think the second episode of "The Vampire Diaries" lived up to the promise of the first? What did you like about last night's episode, and what left you rolling your eyes?