'Vampire Diaries': Ian Somerhalder Tells Us How Close The Series Will Stay On Track With The Books

Get excited! A whole new episode of "Vampire Diaries" airs tonight! With all those enthusiastic words you guys wrote in the comments section of our recap of the season premiere last week, we kind of have a feeling "VD" is going to be a mainstay on your pop culture radars — much like that other vampire franchise that you may have heard of called "Twilight." But, just as fans of Stephenie Meyer's novels want the movies to remain true to the books, so too do lovers of "VD" author L.J. Smith.

That has to mean then that Damon Salvatore himself, Ian Somerhalder, has read the "VD" series backward and forward then right? "I was actually told not to," he told MTV News. "I think by virtue of the fact that they may be deviating very often from the books and not to be married to whatever was in those books. But now I'm checking it out."

Phew! Guess that means by now he's realized then that Damon and his vamp brother Stefan (Paul Wesley) are supposed to come from from Renaissance-era Florence, Italy instead of Civil War-era Virginia like they are portrayed on the new CW series. He has, and it turns out he thinks it's for the better. "Because I don't speak Italian accent, and they just decided that would be problematic," he joked of the decision to Americanize his character. "No, I don't know [why]. I think we're still Italian. We bear the name Salvatore, but I think it spins it more of an American sort of story."

One storyline that won't deviate far from the novels is all that supernatural stuff that so many of us love fantasizing about. "I have a lot more power 'cause I still eat people," Ian said. "And [Stefan] decided to stop eating people and lives off of squirrels and rabbits and mice, and so it makes him a lot less strong. He has a lot less power than I do, which may change at some point, which is going to be big trouble for me."

Press play on the video clip below to hear more from Ian and don't forget to check back with Hollywood Crush tomorrow morning for our weekly recap!