Taylor Lautner Carries Kristen Stewart On The 'Eclipse' Set & Love For 'Glee' Continues In Today's Tweet Dreams

Today could have very well been claimed Taylor Lautner Thursday on Twitter (we could go for that every week, as a matter of fact!) with how much our beloved Jacob was talked about. "Eclipse" director David Slade tweeted about filming, "Yesterday Taylor had to carry Kristen for several hours, he held it together - hope he can lift his arms today. Rain dumped on us all day." As if we needed another reason to be jealous of K-Stew! Elsewhere, Ryan Seacrest was out to get some information about his next possible project, reporting, "Seeing queen latifah in a bit to find out why she is apprently doing a project with taylor lautner from new moon!"

While Taylor takes over the movie world, it seems "Glee" is all the rage on TV (again!). Last night's guest star Josh Groban  told viewers via Twitter, " thanks for watching tonight...whole cast of glee are super down to earth and amazingly talented. stephen tobolowsky is so cool!!" and Chris Colfer, who plays the fabulous and funny Kurt, also sent out love to fans: "Thank you all so much for your comments on tonight's episode! Make sure to tune in next week to see even more of Kurt's journey! ;)." Luckily, Michelle Branch is passing on a message about all our admiration, " On my way to a meeting at Fox. Gonna tell them how much I love Glee!"

Check out what else celebs were twittering about today, including Justin Timberlake's not-so-secret Emmy surprise, Kendra Wilkinson puts some tabloid rumors to rest and Katy Perry's strange doll incident. Get all your Twitter needs and follow us @hollywoodcrush!

@jtimberlake Guess who'll be presenting at the Emmys this year? One guess ; )

-Justin Timberlake, Actor, Musician

@kendrawilkinson please dont listen to stupid lies the media makes up!! I am so proud of Hank n very excited..thanks for welcoming us Indy!!!

-Kendra Wilkinson, Reality Star ("Kendra," "Girls Next Door")

@frankiemuniz Wow! Never been so close to missing a flight in my life! Can't breath from sprinting from one side of the airport to the other...

-Frankie Muniz, Actor ("Malcolm in the Middle," "Walk Hard")

@katyperry A friend was buying 1 of my dolls on Ebay, he got his for $200 but was tempted 2 buy a headless one for $100. WWU do w/ just a BODY? SICKOS!

-Katy Perry, Singer

@azizansari Unfortunately, my Letterman appearance has to be moved to October because Bill Clinton will be on this Tuesday. I always knew he hated me.

-Aziz Ansari, Comedian, Actor ("Parks and Recreation")

@joelmchale Just met Charlize Theron. Holy crap she's great.

-Joel McHale, Comedian, Actor ("The Soup," "Community")

@comeagaininjen I got hit in the face with a croûton at work today. This week is...interesting.

-Jennifer Stone, Actress ("Wizards of Waverly Place")

@tonyhawk I think a "thumb down" gesture at a bad driver is more effective than a middle finger. It's like a bad review instead of a hostile scream.

-Tony Hawk, Athlete

@benjaminmadden Home. had a Good day. Nice to be home. My apartment smells of rich Mahogany and I have many leather bound books. indeed my life doesnt suck.

-Benjamin Madden, Musician